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The Awesomeness of Home

A home is much more than a shelter; it’s a place where one feels the most comfortable, where memories are created and where traditions are shared. There are many words

7 Ways to Show Your Mother You Really Love Her

Let’s be honest, there are infinite ways to show your mother you love her and a token of affection is always a great way to let her know that you

Previews Quarterly: We’re off to a Good Start

The first quarter of the year typically sets the pace for the second and third quarters for the luxury real estate market on Oahu. Although the first quarter historically dips

Inside the X-Mansion, Home of the X-Men

Welcome to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, sometimes referred to as the X-Mansion. The 24+ bedroom estate is a utopian upstate paradise that represents the pinnacle of luxury and awesomeness for both

Save Green by Going Green

Saving money can be tough. It seems as soon as you get it, bam, it flies right out of your pocket. Bills, entertainment, food… all of these things cost money

Coldwell Banker Joins Forces with X-Men: Apocalypse

Home is a refuge. It’s the place where we leave the troubles of the outside world at the door and can always be ourselves. And if you’re a mutant, home

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