Home Sellers, Buyers: Start Planning Now

By | February 1, 2017|

For homeowners who are considering selling their homes, it is not too early to start preparing for the spring selling season, which is traditionally the real estate industry’s busiest season.

Tiny Homes Make their Way Onto the Shores of Oahu

By | December 2, 2016|

It’s no secret that living on Oahu is a prestige of its own. According to the Honolulu Board of REALTORS®, the price of a single-family home on the island averages

Why Fall May be a Good Time to Sell Your Home

By | October 5, 2016|

The Oahu housing market has been strong this year with steady price increases in a number of communities and relatively low inventory to meet the buyer demand. Now that fall

Vacation Home Sales Flourish: What Buyers Should Look for in A Second Home

By | September 6, 2016|

Summer often means fun-filled vacations with family or friends to a neighbor isle, a golf resort, or perhaps a visit to the mainland. As summer draws to a close, it’s

The Downside to Selling Your Home by Yourself

By | July 11, 2016|

Oahu’s real estate market has rebounded sharply in the past several years in the aftermath of the recession, with home prices near or even above their highs of 2007 and

Don’t Underestimate the Value a Real Estate Professional Brings to a Home Sale

By | June 8, 2016|

Well-known actor, humorist and economist Ben Stein once wrote a column entitled “Pieces of Heaven.” It was a love letter of sorts about the many homes he has bought, sold

Five Tips for Creating a Home Wish List that Works

By | May 18, 2016|

With the spring home-buying season in full bloom, many people are out there looking for the next place to call home. They have visions of finding the perfect property. From

Why Now May Be a Good Time to Sell Your Home

By | April 5, 2016|

If you have been thinking about selling your home but weren't sure when to do it, there may not be a better time than now. To be sure, the decision

Tips for Homebuyers in a Hot Seller’s Market

By | March 2, 2016|

This may be a really good time to be in the housing market – if you are a seller, that is. There just aren't enough homes on the market, so